EDC Sling Bag

Living in the age of active shooters and natural disasters, it is important for everyone to have an EDC Sling Bag of their own. Here at the Barbarian Lounge, we sought out the best we could find in affordable, EDC sling bags for the barbarian on the go. Something that could be grabbed quickly in the event of an emergency that wouldn’t take up too much room in your vehicle.

Our EDC Sling Bag offers you a small size at 11 inches long and 8 inches wide but as MASSIVE amount of storage space. Featuring molle webbing on the outside to attach tourniquets, medical gear, magazine pouches or whatever else you wish. The inner waterproof design allows for all of your inner components to stay safe and dry in whatever weather you may encounter. No worries about your stored ammunition/magazines to get damaged from the water in the multiple pocket system this bag is equipped with.

Adjustable carry strap gives you the ability to control where and how you decide to carry your bag. Whether your goal is to set up a quick medical bag, a 72 hour bug out bag, a citizen’s active shooter bag…….our EDC Sling Bag is FOR YOU!!!

$24.99 plus shipping

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