Ep 113 – Leftist Freak Show


Welcome to Odinson’s Leftist Freak Show!!!!

We’ve got a variety of freaks and geeks for your listening entertainment tonight. Come see the South African war criminal who was able to burn tires around the necks of his own people YET still was able to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner! Feel free to check out our Tic Tac Toe playing chickens who have replaced those $15 an hour fast food workers until their robot kiosks are installed. While you’re at it, swing by Tent Number 45 but be WARNED! There you will see the madness known as “Trump Derangement Disorder” that has turned once normal people into raging psychopaths who will fling feces should you try to logically debate them! THE HORROR!!!!

As you can tell, my fellow barbarians, this is gonna be a wild one! There’s so much madness in the world that the Odinson Leftist Freak Show is about to his the road! Join me in this carnival tour of freaks!



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