Give No Quarter


“Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you.” — Edward Teach aka “Blackbeard”

Edward Teach understood exactly what natural law is. It isn’t some feel good story where “the good guy always wins”. It isn’t a world where everyone is created equal. Nature itself is harsh, cruel and consumes those too fragile to survive. For many, this is a terrifying notion that keeps them bound in the invisible chains of fear. For Men of Fortune, this is the sort of struggle that fuels our drive. This is what separates “us” from “them”.

Many years ago, I too was one of those bound by fear. Bound by a job that I hated, bound by a life of mediocrity and struggling to make ends meet. I was going through life as if I was owed something just for drawing breath into my body. This mentality was flawed and natural law proved this constantly. You see, Nature gives you no quarter. This world and the people in it will give you no quarter. The problem is that even when we understand that “Natural Law is Tooth and Claw” and this world will give you ZERO quarter; we still offer it quarter to this world in return.

The decision must be made to take no quarter from this world but we MUST offer ZERO quarter in return! Each day we venture out into this decadent empire, it isn’t enough to just compete with them for resources like money or territory. We aren’t here to compete…..we’re here to take over! Whether it’s at your job trying to get that latest promotion or trying to start up your own business venture; our mentality is NO QUARTER!

Accounting Series - Thumbsup

That isn’t “Stan from Accounting that has a mortgage w/ a wife and two kids”……..HE’S THE ENEMY! Our mindset is that we’re gonna outwork, crush and send Stan back to his weeping wive’s arms while we sail off into the sunset w/ our new fortune in tow. Trust me, Stan would do that to you and he absolutely should! As I’ve heard many times from poker legend Phil Ivey “Hey, we’re all playing the same game here”. Just like in poker though, if you show weakness, you better believe that a hammer will drop with the weight of Mjolnir on you and your fortune will be taken by a better player.

Life isn’t any different. Too many times, we’ll hear people talking about this empire falling and how the Barbarians will rise once again to dominance. If you aren’t willing to off no quarter to the enemy now, how can you expect to offer no quarter then when it truly counts? When they can’t seem to feed themselves, will you offer them quarter? When they have ran out of water or need someone to protect them from the beasts of the forests, will you offer them quarter? If your answer is NO then why are you offering quarter now when nothing is at stake and resources are plentiful?

 The time to start crushing the competition is NOW!

No quarter given and no quarter taken!







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