Ep 76 – Support The Fight


On this broadcast of The Barbarian Lounge, we are issuing a CALL TO ACTION! There are many people out there who are in the “thankless” fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation. People who bring premium content in the form of radio, blogs or speeches who are in a virtual death battle with the Communist left. These people are often ridiculed, bullied and have their lives altered by their attempt to fight back against the rising of the tide.

This show is for them.

**Side Note**  We are launching an offensive into the world of Twitch in order to work on hearts and minds of the next generation. This is a learning process but we’ll be live there multiple times throughout the week. This will give us the ability, through the MASSIVE world of online gaming, to reach people who otherwise would not be exposed to our message. To join us there and LIVE CHAT with me, go to twitch.tv/BarbarianLounge and create an account. Creating an account is as easy as making a Facebook page. You’ll receive notification of when I am online so you can join me as we attempt to take this operation on a level everyone else is missing.***

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