Ep 58 – Thug Life


On this broadcast of The Barbarian Lounge, we are discussing the “Thug
Life”. No, not drive by shootings, sagging pants and gangsta rap. We’re
talking Thug w/ a capital “T” on this show. The Kali worshiping, throat
crushing strangulation cult from India who terrorized the British
occupants for many years before being ruthlessly hunted down.

We will discuss the history of the cult, why they chose strangulation, why shedding blood was forbidden and some of the methods used. Yes, there will be talk of choking a fool till his eyes pop out of his skull! Ya know, fun stuff!

We will also be debuting a NEW SEGMENT that you’re sure to enjoy!


Odinson Archery – Traditional Bows, Non-traditional Materials

MitoChon – The Energy Within

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(To Download, Right Click and Save As)


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