Thuggee Strangulation Cord – (Tiger Edition)


The Thuggee were respected and fear throughout India by both friend and foe. Their ritualized executions, that forbade the spilling of blood,  are a thing of legend yet we are still fascinated by their methods today. It was said that the Goddess Kali taught her “Faithful Tigers” the methods of strangulation by pulling three strands from her head and weaving them into a strangulation cord.

Our armorers here at The Barbarian Lounge studied many books and methods regarding the recreation of this dreaded Thug Cord. We are pleased to bring you an updated recreation of the cord that struck fear into the hearts of the Empire. Woven with three strands of reinforced 550 cord that are symbolic of the three black strands of hair of the great goddesses head; our Thug cord offer strength as well as durability to insure a ‘quick sleep’ for those ensnared in your grasp.

Attached to each end are 3 hard wood balls which offer control and the ability to apply crushing pressure to your offering. The center ball is positioned to offer pinpoint pressure against the larynx for a painful yet quick passage into the darkness. Our Tiger Edition is fit for carrying on your EDC and can be worn as an inconspicuous bracelet(similar to prayer beads) or shoved in a pocket. With practice, the Thug cord makes an excellent self defense weapon to quickly incapacitate an attacker or control them so you may access another weapon.

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