Thuggee Strangulation Cord (Kali Ma Edition)


Very few assassins in history create the same level of terror as the ancient cult known as the Thuggee. Known for their preferred method of death by strangulation, the Thuggee created a culture of fear that still causes empires to tremble at the mere thought of their existence. It was said that the goddess Kali taught the dreaded Faithful Tigers the deadly techniques of strangulation using braided hairs pulled from her own head.

Through extensive research, the Barbarian Lounge has recreated the dreaded braided Thuggee strangulation cord to add to our armory. Braided with three strands of reinforced black 550 cord, the python-like squeeze with offer crushing pressure and unbreakable strength.

As an added bonus, our “Kali Ma Edition” features an upgrade to 3 hard wood balls in the middle instead of the traditional single wooden ball. This will offer a painful yet swift offering the Goddess. The black strands represent the hair and the blood red wood balls are symbolic of the blood that shall not touch the ground.

Whether it be for historical collection or a unique piece of kit to add to your EDC, our Thug cords will be a perfect fit for that inner assassin that lurks inside you.


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