In Defense of Identity

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
George Orwell, 1984

While you are reading this, the identity of a once powerful nation is being erased. Spurned by the actions of a madman walking into a South Carolina church, the assault against Southern identity has been ongoing at a level never seen in my lifetime. Being a child of the South, whose family has roots that go to the founding of the very land I occupy today, this is something that we never could have envisioned in our future. While we slept, the enemy plotted to complete it’s devilish plan of “Reconstruction” against history itself.

The battle flag came down in South Carolina. Battle flags were removed from Fort Sumter. Grave desecration, the removal of Confederate remains and an intense media assault from Loyalist to the Cultural Marxist machine paved the way for the final solution to the “Rebel Problem” posed by the remnants of the Confederacy. The Rebel MUST be removed from the history books. Those people holding on to the remnants of a defeated culture MUST be crushed by ANY means necessary. The Reconstruction is AT HAND!!! Victory is IMMINENT!!!

They are wrong.

The fire of the Confederacy, which was once dormant, has begun to ignite. As they burn the Confederacy from the history books, those embers are beginning to ignite brush fires that are sweeping the South once again. Men and women are coming from all parts of the United States to stand together against these Cultural Marxists hell bent on annihilating the very foundation of this nation. Make no mistake about it, the March of Reconstruction will not end in the South. The goal of the Cultural Marxist is the complete reconstruction of the nation itself.

If the fight must begin, let it begin here in the South! Our fight is to maintain the identity of a culture not dependent on government intervention in order to sustain itself. Our culture is a culture of self sufficiency and independence from the government nipple. An identity of men willing to farm the fields or fight a war if necessary to preserve a future for their children. That spirit resides in each and every American who celebrates an independence from a growing government.

It is for this reason, the Cultural Marxist tremble every single time a Confederate Battle Flag flies. That spirit of rebellion is like sunlight to a vampire in the minds of the Communist scum. In a nation built on the spirit of rebellion, they understand that to destroy the “Rebel” is to destroy the American spirit itself. As long as Johnny Reb lives, the Marxist machine will always face resistance.

In the end, the fire of the Southern people and the rebellious spirit lying dormant in the American people is igniting. Our fire will burn bright. Our fire will burn long. Our fire will make Sherman’s march through the South look like a mere Boy Scout campfire on a bright sunny day.

— Alan Odinson, host of “The Barbarian Lounge”


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